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Dates to Remember
5 September 2019 Back to School (6:00-7:00)
2 September 2019 Labor Day (No School)
11 September 2019 Interim Reports
Contact Information
Rebecca Matheson
phone: 434-263-8960
Field Trips
Coming Soon!
Life Before Age Five
The preschool years are so important for brain development. A child exposed to positive experiences before the age of five and who have strong relationships with their caregivers create the foundation for a strong and healthy life in their later years. They are able to gain mastery across social, adaptive, and academic domains creating strong brain development.
1825 Before Age 5
Reading one book every night to your child means they have experienced 1825 books before the age of five! Reading books to young children makes an enormous impact on their academic skills. It increases and strengthens their vocabulary, creates the basis for phonemic awareness (words are made up of smaller sounds), teaches them that marks on a page represents letters and words, and have meaning. It also introduces the letters of the alphabet.